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Territorio Sonoro - Episode 1

A journey full of sounds, as the renowned producer Nicola Cruz, accompanied by Enrique Males, take us to discover a new sound territory in Ecuador.

Territorio Sonoro - Episode 2

A trip through native sounds with Benjamín Vanegas, Judd Wellington and El Grupo Taribo in the company of Papá Roncón.

Territorio Sonoro - Episode 3

A fusion between native inhabitants and migrant ethnicities to discover the sounds of the Amazon in Ecuador, with Juan Diego Illescas, Ataw Allpa, Churuwia Tucupi and Natem Chumap.

Territorio Sonoro - Episode 4

The Valley del Chota, in the north of Ecuador, is a region enriched by the Afro influence of its sounds combined with Andean music. In this episode, Ivis Flies, Plutarco Viveros, Las Tres Marías, Guanaco, Lindberg Valencia and Lascivio Bohemia.

Territorio Sonoro - Episode 5

Quito in Ecuador is Sound Territory. In this episode, Quixosis, Amaf Alam, Ana Cachimuel and Yarina.

Territorio Sonoro - Episode 6

In this episode Philippe Cohen Solal of Gotan Project, Eduardo Makarof and Mariana La Yegros.

Territorio Sonoro - Episode 7

From Colombia to Mexico we find new Sound Territories through the combination of rhythms that revive traditional sounds, giving them a contemporary twist. In this episode, Bomba Estéreo, Simón Mejía, Liliana Saumet, Son Rompe Pera, Mongo and Kacho.

Territorio Sonoro - Episode 8

In Buenos Aires, “The City of Fury,” rhythms and artists come together from all over the world. In this episode, Gustavo Santaolalla, Gaby Kerpel, King Coya, Leo Martinelli, Tremor, Pedro Canale, Chancha Vía Circuito and La Fiesta Zizek.

Ritmos Bastardos

Ritmos Bastardos (Bastard Beats) chronicles the improbable but inevitable story of an underground club night that turned into a vanguard international music platform.

Sonido Mestizo

A journey through the sonic veins of Ecuador. A documentary that starts with the roots of traditional music and shows the most cutting edge forms today, told by the creators themselves.

Son Rompe Pera - Desde Naucalpan Para el Mundo

Born and raised in the deep outskirts of Mexico City, the Gama brothers are keeping alive the rich legacy of marimba music running through their family with their latest project, Son Rompe Pera.

The Nu LatAm Sound - Trailer Ecuador

Ecuador is a country nestled between musical powerhouses Colombia and Peru. We travelled there to dive into the local scene, and discovered that the country also has a rich and storied musical tradition, and they're itching to make themselves heard.

The Nu LatAm Sound - Ecuador Ep 1 - The Amazon Voices

The episode shines a light on the burgeoning musical renaissance in Ecuador-- from the Amazon to the Andes, into the Quito underground and down to the pacific coast-- and introduces Mateo Kingman, whose debut album, Respira, was released on ZZK imprint AYA Records on August 12.

The Nu LatAm Sound Episode 2 - The Rhythm of the Coast

Episode 2 of The Nu LatAm Sound, The Rhythm of the Coast, explores music corners of the Ecuadorian seaside, visiting legendary marimba player Papá Roncón, jamming with Rio Mira in Esmeraldas (the Epicenter of Afro-Ecuadorian Music), and stopping by the studios of Guanchaka and Lascivio Bohemia, two young electronic music producers.

The Nu LatAm Sound Episode 3 - The Andes Sound

The 3rd and final episode of The Nu LatAm Sound Ecuador takes us to Quito, the capital of the country that sits in the hips of the Andes-- where we started. Quito is the nucleus of the digital folklore music scene-- an urban crossroads where the tradition rooted in the mountains seamlessly fuses with the rapidly changing sounds in contemporary electronic music. We also visit the Imbabura region & Valle del Chota, where indigenous and African cultures mix with fascinating results.

A Musical Journey

The digital cumbia movement in Europe has been gaining speed in the last couple years, thanks to forward thinking musicians and a hungry, curious audience craving the innovative South American dance music. The stage was set for La Yegros, as we accompanied her on her debut European tour.

Ver Documental (Subtítulos en Español)

Colibria Live - Nicola Cruz Feat. Huaira

One magical evening in Tumbaco, Quito, Ecuador, Nicola Cruz and Huaira invited us into their world.


Luzmila and the Birds

Analog Memories

In an abandoned office in Quito, a grandson finds the master recordings from his grandfather's lost record label and discovers the history of the golden age of music in Ecuador. Read more in the New York Times and NPR.

The Nu LatAm Sound - Trailer Series

The explosion of the internet and democratization of technology has fueled a global musical renaissance. Nowhere is this more apparent than in Latin America, where the mashup of European, African, and indigenous cultures has always created a landscape ripe for innovation. Now, classic traditions are returning to the forefront with all of the energy and richness of the countries they represent. Centuries-old music is being transformed by a new generation and reinvented with raw, unbridled energy.